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I was sold on this company (previously with VPI) when they told me that their premiums do not drastically increase as your pet ages, but rather their premiums are a little bit higher at the start compared to other pet insurance companies. Well low and behold I received a 60% increase in my four-year-old labs premium today, from $50 a month to $82 a month. Ironically, this comes after dealing with an unfortunate situation and trying to get my four-year-old Labrador diagnosed and treated following multiple vet visits and diagnostics including bloodwork, x-rays and joint tap. We finally saw an internal medicine specialist who diagnosed my dog with an immune mediated polyarthritis. Trupanion was very good with processing my claims in a timely manner. The agent I spoke with stated that my 60% rate increase had nothing to do with my claims this year. She stated that the increase was due to a 20% cap that was removed in the state of Colorado and that the rate increase was due to the analysis of the veterinary costs in my area (breed specific). I told her a 60% increase is criminal especially based on what I was told at the inception of the policy and how Trupanion prides themselves on not raising rates based on the age of the animal over the life of the policy. Total BS!!! They raised my rates because I had claims this year. Period. End of story! I thought they were different but it looks like I have been duped once again by another greedy insurance company! The kicker is along with my 60% increase they send me this letter stating how happy they are that me and my dog are part of the Trupanion family and that they hope I love them as much as they love us! Oh yeah… I'm definitely feeling the love!

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Labrador Retriever

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