Worst experience ever.

Out of 10

Was recommend to use this insurance and was planning on purchasing full pet insurance for both my dogs. Thankfully I tried the "trial" insurance first. I signed up for it and a couple days later my dog had a hurt leg I took her in for X-rays (that should be covered with the accident pet trial insurance). Spent over $300 at the vet and then sent in my claim.... Weeks later I recieved an email saying they would not cover any of the cost. Confused I called and spoke with the rudest agent. She told me I was only covered for accident insurance at the time my dog was hurt??? Confused I said "I'm sorry what exactly do you consider an accident? She has a hurt leg??" She then told me she would speak with her manager and have him call be in 3 days... 7 days go by with no word so I call back and speak with another person who says the same thing sorry it says here you were only covered by accidental at that time. Again I reponded with the same answer? Does my dog have to be run over with a car to be considered accidental? She said she would speak with her manager and have him call me.... Still have yet to hear from anyone. Would NOT recommend this insurance to anyone. Ever.

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Hurt leg
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 05/20/2015
By: Melissa

So glad I read your review. I almost bought this plan. I also have a Rotti. Well 2. We all know how people react to the breed. Thank you. Melissa
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