Incredibly disappointed

Out of 10

Just recently bought our dog and was told that we had a 60 day free trial of their insurance. Thinking it would be a great deal I tried it out and felt thankful when my dog got sick and had treatment.
Trouble began immediately! Maybe it was because I was on a trial basis, but I hear nothing from them for several weeks in regards to my claim. I called them once and was told they'd have a response later next month! The second time I called I was told they received my claim almost 20 days AFTER I had sent it.

When I finally got a reply it was to tell me that no invoice was included with my claim, even though I was with my vet and watched her attach all important documents and fax them with me in her office and I feel that telling us this was a slap to my vet's practice. After complaining, I'm later told that because we had just signed up they wouldn't help with our claim because it was within the first 30 days we signed up.

What's the point of telling us we had a 60 day trial if we can't even use 30 of it.

Will be looking for another pet insurance. Very disappointed.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 08/11/2014

i thought the wait period was 14 days.