Horrible first claim experience.

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I brought my dog in because she was having bloody diarrhea. Upon exam, they found out that she had accidentally eaten something that was causing her discomfort. Upon reviewing the stool sample, it came back positive for a parasite.
I was comfortable knowing we had Trupanion however I was disappointed to find out my claim would not be covered and our payment would have to be out of pocket because it was still in the 30 day grace period. This was on March 13th and my grace period ended on March 14th. Seriously??? Aren't you supposed to be there for me when my dog is ill? If I would have waited one more day to take her in good lord knows what could have happened to her. You can count on me fighting this claim and debating the continued use of your services in the future. Thanks for nothing.

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Dietary indiscretion
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 03/31/2014
By: Joe @Trupanion

Firstly, I hope Kona is feeling better now!

I took a look at your policy and see that the claim was actually approved through our appeal process after this review was posted.

When we initially received the claim it was as an illness. As you mentioned in your review, you were on the last day of the illness waiting period, but were still within the waiting period. Everything about our coverage (including our waiting periods)is subject to regulatory approval, and we are legally obligated to follow the approved practices. We are approved for a 30 day illness waiting period, which means we are legally obligated to stick with that. Her symptoms began (when look at when symptoms begin, NOT when treatment is received) on the 29th day of the waiting period, which meant it was still within the waiting period.

Fortunately in this instance further information from your vet showed us that this incident should've actually been considered an accident, so we were able to apply the 5 day accident waiting period rather than the 30 day illness waiting period and approve the claim.