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This company takes a long time to process claims then do all they can to not pay them. Our pet was cryptorchid (testicles did not drop). The vet said they had to go in and remove them or it could cause cancer. It was a complicated surgery but they found them and my dog is fine now. Trupanion refused the claim saying it was just spay/neuter and they don't cover that. The fact that it cost much more than spay/neuter due to the complicated surgery didn't matter to them. They also turned down a claim to an emergency vet for an injured foot because it was an 'exam'. It would be hard for them to determine what was injured without the exam. I then tried to cancel and they won't even do that. They say someone will have to call me back but , you guessed it, they have not called back. Save your money and avoid this company at all cost!

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Posted: 01/07/2014
By: Joe @Trupanion

I hope your kiddo is feeling better now. What a rough couple of weeks for the poor guy!

Our policy does exclude ALL exam fees and spay/neuter procedures. While a cryptorchid neuter is a more complicated neuter, it is still a neuter procedure so does fall under that exclusion. The same would apply to the emergency exam fee: while it was a more expensive exam, it is still an exam fee and falls under that exclusion. Had you been billed for any sort of diagnostic work or treatment during that emergency visit (pain medication, antibiotics to ensure the abrasion didn't get infected, any fees relating to having to do stitches, etc.), those items would most likely have been eligible for coverage. (Since I don't know what those hypothetical other charges would be for, I can't say that they would be eligible for sure, but there's a very good chance they would be.) Forunately for your pup, it appears his injury wasn't severe enough to warrant any additional treatment.

I do see that your claim was processed within the timeframe estimate provided to you when your claim was submitted, and also that your policy was cancelled within the timeframe provided to you when you made your initial request.

I am sorry that you had a disappointing experience with us. We do our best to ensure all of our customers are clear on what they are and are not covered for up front, and it's clear that wasn't your experience. If you have any input on what we could've done to ensure you were clearer on your coverage BEFORE your claims, we'd love to hear it. Please send me an email at feedback@trupanion.com.