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This company is the worst trying to cancel pet insurance. I have been badgered and told untruths as to the refund of my insurance premium. They take the auto debit from my account every month, but when I want to cancel I was badgered and harrassed into being scared and my dogs were very unsafe not being insured. When I ultimately decided to cancel, I was forwarded an email to state that my cancellation would be effective a month from now. I immediately contacted Trupanion and was given such a run around and then finally told my check would be run and sent in the mail the next day (from Wednesday conversation to Thursday refund mailing). I called Friday and was told Oh gee, this is a strange one, it does not look like it has gone out yet. What is so strange about this one? Well it needs final approval. Excuse me, final approval? My money, my refund. Additionally, they have the capacity to debit your money in a minute but not refund the same way. Strange, after speaking with several banking institutions, if you have the capacity to debit, you have capaciaty to refund the same way, especially in this electronic date. I was told they don't have that. I find it strange that a larger company not have capacity to refund electronically but can receive payments electronically. Several friends who had pet insurance had the same problems with their respective companies they had for their pets. They refuse to refund your money or delay it so you will either forget or decide to ke

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cancellation of insurance problems
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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