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We got the insurance coverage for our new puppy not relizing that Trupanion doesn't really like to deal with insuring pet store bought puppies. Had we know this we would have gone to a different insurance company. The puppy came down with Parvo and had to be treated with 24 hour care that was recommended thru the attending vet. Trupanion has denied the claim stating that it was an pre-existing illness...but attending vet did not feel that the puppy had Parvo at the time she was seen. I have noticed that Trupanion on reviews, does not seem to want to take care of claims from pet store bought puppies...they should advise people who apply that they are not keen on this. I feel that they pick and chose on their polices. We are not happy with having to continue fighting with them but we will.

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Posted: 05/25/2014
By: Richie

For buying a pet store puppy you deserve all the bad luck coming to you. Does it bother you at all that while you're supporting some abusive puppy mill between 2 & 4 million unwanted innocents are being murdered in kill shelters. You are either ignorant or callously indifferent, maybe both. Shame on you!

Posted: 03/25/2014
By: Robert

Everything is a pre-existing condition and they do their best to disallow all treatments and test so nothing go's towards the your deductible, even if your Vet states different, they won't pay.

Posted: 03/31/2014
By: Joe @Trupanion

I hope your puppy is feeling better! I've had a puppy with parvo before and know how scary it is.

I try to research the situation for all negative reviews we receive, but wasn't able to locate your policy with the information provided. I'd love to help review and resolve the situation with you, but will need more details to locate your policy. If you'd like to help me do so, please email me at

I can tell you that we consider anything that shows signs or symptoms prior to enrollment or within the waiting periods a pre-existing condition. That means if your puppy was having diarrhea the day before you enrolled (or the day before your waiting periods ended) but wasn't diagnosed with parvo for another two days, that condition would be pre-existing as the symptoms began before she was eligible for coverage.

I hope that clarifies for you, and please do send me an email if you'd like to work together to further investigate your situation.