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My dog almost died from an ulcer that was caused by an arthritis medication prescribed by my VET. Trupanion refuses to pay.
Trupanion did not have dysplasia coverage before May of 2013.

Jasmine (my sweet dog) has recently developed arthritis (after May 2013) in her back hip. she is a 41/2 year old lab mix. The Vetinarian precribed Deramaxx which ended up causing an ulcer that almost killed her. The total treatment cost was about 5000.00

Trupanion claims she has dysplasia and had it prior to when they started their coverage. since the medication was prescribed for the arthritis in which again they claim is dysplasia they are refusing to pay for any part of her treatment.

The diagnosis from the doctor is a little spot of arthritis in an x-ray that was taken recently . The X-ray does not show any separation in her hips and was sent to them with a note from the doctor saying she does not have dysplasia and certainly couldn['t have had it prior since its not curable.
But they still refused to pay anything. They are basing their diagnosis on a conversation i had with my doctor last year and again earlier this year about how she was not jumping and running like she used to. I mentioned that she had a limp when she got up from lying down which was true but it was a front leg injury and had nothing to do with her back legs.

After they refused to pay i requested all records and so included in those records was Jasmine's Paw Print which was created by Trupanion and

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Over $1000

Labrador Mix

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Posted: 10/10/2013

I feel your pain
Our pug, when he was 12 weeks old, (April 2011), went to the vet for a routine checkup and vaccinations. Our vet made a comment that pugs were prone to stenotic nares and put that in her report. The vet said that he was asymptomatic and nothing needed to be done. If it was an issue then we would have had the surgery, because he was insured with Pesecure at the time, but it wasn't an issue.
We switched our insurance over to Trupanion in May 2013, Biggest mistake of our lives

August 2013 our pug developed severe breathing problems due to an elongated soft palate in his throat and requires surgery. They have denied the claim saying it was pre existing, due to the stenotic nares comment when he was 12 weeks old.