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When purchasing this product no where did they say taxes where excluded in their list of items not covered. They say they cover actual vet costs. Well my vet costs included taxes. So I only received 77% of my bill. I only found out about the non tax was after submitting a bill. Prior to purchasing the policy there was no information about this. Otherwise I would have checked others that DO cover taxes and cover 90% up to $20,000. I feel this is an issue for the Financial Services Commission. Out of $10,000 bill I received back $7000.00. What do others think? Do your homework about everything. In Canada we pay taxes on everything! If its not excluded then it should be included. Sneaky sneaky!

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German Shepherd

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1 - 8

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Posted: 08/06/2013
By: Stephanie

Actual vet costs means what the vet actually charges you, NOT what the state or province charges you, just what the vet charges. I think it is unfair to blame the health insurance company for your inability to comprehend the language as it is written.

Posted: 08/12/2013
By: Marjorie

It says in the Trupanion policy Section 3: "3. ELIGIBLE CLAIMS - WHAT YOU PAY: a.Veterinary Examination Fees;b.Deductible(if you choose to have one);c. 10%Co-Insurance;d. Federal/State/Provincial/Local taxes; ande. Costs not covered by this policy."
Looks to me like if you had read your policy, you would see that taxes are the responsibility of the policyholder.
If the company were to pay taxes (which are subject to government laws and increase often), it would unfairly increase premiums for those whose province or state does not have a high tax rate.