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I am so very disappointed in Trupanion. My dog Cooper was playing and torn his ACL, which required surgery. I had just recently purchased the policy, but was relieved to discover that because it was an accident it would be covered. The claim was denied saying i wasn't in the grace period. I contacted them and resubmitted it. It was denied because they said the ACL tear was a 'pre - existing' condition. My vet was furious with Trupanion and called them and emailed several times. My dog is 2, in excellent health and has had zero problems before this. My vet and I took it to the third step and had a 3rd party appeal. They denied it also, they said MY VET agreed that it was a pre existing condition, which she didn't. I have all of the emails and paperwork and am escalating this to the California Insurance Commissioner. This was a $4000 bill that should have been covered.

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Surgery for torn ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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