Rates Got Raised Big Time After Surgery

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Overall the AKC/Pet Partners insurance group is very good about reimbursements based on your policy. However, after having the policy for 3-1/2 year, my dog required ligament surgery (TTA) of which they did pay 80% based on my policy but upon the next year's renewal, they increased my rates by $100 each month!! I've kept the policy but will be moving to another carrier. After researching, other carriers have the same benefits and hopefully won't be a devious.

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ligament TTA Surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Bernese Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/24/2013
By: Tiffany

I have had the same situation with my policy after several years. The major hike in premium did not occur until a couple of years after the event. The increase in premium of 70% seems unreasonable. When customer service was contacted the response was the increase is due to increases in customary charges within my geographical region. This seems quite unreasonable to have a 70% increase in premium. I believe this is related to the prior injury cost.

Posted: 05/04/2013
By: Poor Coverage

I HAD AKC Pet insurance, they have many exclusions and extremely poor quality of a product. I cancelled and moved to another insurance provider who is fabulous and provides the "quality" coverage we seek for a beloved pets with no gimmicks.
My experience with AKC was heartbreaking, expensive and many a loop hole for them to provide reimbursements.

Posted: 03/18/2013
By: Jessica@PetPartners

Hi Gail, I wanted to explain a little bit more about the premium adjustment. Our premiums are priced based on the average pet of your situation, taking into account breed, age at enrollment, increasing vet costs and geographical location. Premium adjustments are not tied to your individual claims experience, but to the broad experience of pets like yours in your general geographic location. I can assure you we did not penalize your pet with higher rates just because of your submitted claims. If you have any additional questions, please call us and we would be happy to discuss with you further.

Posted: 08/12/2013
By: Debbie

I have been unhappy with the AKC insurance premiums for the last few years but have continue with the insurance which I wish I had not. Two dogs and paying over $4500 a year and AKC policies will not cover breed specific conditions which I should have paid more attention to all the exclusions. Will be changing in the next few months to another insurance since I can save on premiums that will cover expenses that the AKC policy will not.
Definitely will not recommend AKC to anyone.