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I have repeatedly attempted to ask the call center reps about exactly what it is that they will not cover since I live on a very very limited budget and I need to know what will and wont be covered BEFORE I submit to all the vet's requests on precedures he feels he MUST do...the vets need our money, or rather want it , one or the other or both so they tend to toss in things that arent particularly necessary especially when you say you have vet insurance. They pad up the bill with non-necessities and you come out with a huge bill that you think Trupanion is going to cover, in my case, 90 percent of it. Then you find out when you call that they for some reason are NOT covering the stated 90 percent that they said they would cover since certain procedures and little things on the bill are simply not covered out of the blue... SORRY, WE DONT COVER THAT....I have tried to ask for specifics on this and it falls on deaf ears to the call center reps who seem not to have the time to go over exactly what is and isnt cat had a parasitic infection which caused him to fall ill and trupanion turned around and said we dont cover the cost to get rid of parasites... you know ... the ones that caused my cat to become very ill but they say if you pay your insurance they will pay 90 percent of all costs incurred to make sure you cat overcomes his illness... uh money scam scam... look out folks because Trupanion has apparently one of the higher ratings and this is how t

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Longhair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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