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Oh, indeed! In fine print they squish CANCER to an "incident" and apply a "cap" of $5,000 to very costly coverage at max $13,000, an $8,000 gap they must know WELL is totally inadequate and deliberately constructed.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 05/02/2012
By: The AKC Way

Yes -- This is the AKC way, I had a similar experience, I cancelled with them and glad to be rid of them. It was costly lesson. You see the AKC name and think this is going to be great coverage. They were the PITS and provided many gimmicks and excuses to NOT PAY claims.
Good Riddens to the AKC Pet Insurance for ME!!!

Posted: 08/02/2012
By: Marie

Same here. Another costly lesson learned. It is all a matter of how they choose to define "incident." That serves them well, as they include any kind of chronic condition that adds up over a period of years as one "incident." It is not just from policy year to policy year. My dog's chronic conditions are not life threatening, but I often wondered about those poor souls whose dogs have cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, Cushing's disease, or other more serious issues. Coverage is great at first. But expenses add up pretty quick, then "Boom." You now have a dog with a pre-existing condition with respect to other insurance companies. Each year, when they send you a new policy, you need to check out the changes. IOW, read the fine print very carefully.

Posted: 02/20/2015
By: Gloria

I am so sorry... I just had the very same experience with my beloved dog.Cancer is not an "incident"...!!! A broken leg is an incident...
I was soooo mad when AKC did not continue to cover my dog's cancer treatment, despite the maximum coverage of $13,000.
They are just out for the money; what they do is actually betraying and fooling their customers. Everybody should stay away from this horrible pet insurance!!