Dishonest! 100% Premium Increase.

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I live in California. My dog Luna is an American Bulldog and she has been insured with Trupanion since she was 5 months old. Last month I submitted the first claim since she’s been insured.Weeks later, i got the rate increase e-mail…I went from $49 to $95!!!

They say it's not based on claims you file, and their website and advertising says they only increase rates due to inflation or increase in veterinary costs. There is NO way inflation and veterinary costs were 100% - 400% like other customers have reported.

NOW we find out that they couldn't increase rates before because the Deparment of Insurance wouldn't allow it.

So, the bottom line is that they didn’t have enough policies in the US to increase their prices, so they kept their rates really low to get customers to sign up until they had enough claims information for the DOI to approve the increase.

That is classic bait and switch deceitful business practice, and shame on them for not being clear and disclosing this information to customers from the beginning so we could make an informed decision.

They were planning to make astronomical increases to the premiums but they kept promising low rates with minimal inflation increases in the meantime.

I can afford $100 a month for my dog. There is no price for me when it comes to her health. The problem for me and what makes me so upset here is the dishonest business practice that was used.

Many people like me can afford the increase, but there are others

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Claim Amount
Under $100

American Bulldog

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1 - 8

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