Bait and Switch

Out of 10

So disappointed in this service. We started coverage on our dog 16 months ago when he was only 4 months old because if what they offered and because they were recommended by our vet. However, just like every other player in the insurance industry, they are only out screw you. The promise of no rate increases based on the pet's age is false. My dog turns 2 next month and conveniently the premium is increasing from $39 to $97, more than doubling what we have been paying. They claim it is because of increased costs in vet care, but my visits to my vet haven't cost me any more than they did a year ago, let alone double.
I will be terminating their service, and do what I should have been doing all along; putting the monthly payments into my own account.

I do not recommend them, unless you only want reasonable service at a teaser rate for the first few years of your let's life.

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Claim Amount
Under $100

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/16/2012

I see a lot of people recommending not getting insurance and just putting the money aside because what you put in doesn't match what you get back. I wanted to respond to one of these advice posts because what you don't consider is the piece of mind that you are also getting.
Here's my example: I had a puppy who at 6 years, went into surgery and I ended up spending over $16000. With your savings plan, you would've only saved $3600 by then. I don't care about regular visits or if I get any coverage when she gets a cold. I'm looking for insurance because somewhere between $15000 and $50000, I would've had to put a price on her life and how can you do that to a family member??

So I'm getting this insurance and I do not expect them to pay out all my premiums because I'm expecting my new puppy to grow up healthy.