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I got Arlo last December as a Christmas gift. He came from the Southwest Washington Humane Society and was about 3 years old. After a month or so after I got him, he developed loose stool and blood in the stool. I took him to my vet and she recommended diet change. I tried that for a few months, but his condition didn't change. The vet said he needed to go to a specialist and get a colonoscopy. The specialist found that Arlo had colitis. He prescribed an antibiotic for a few weeks and Arlo is all better and doing great. AKC paid the full amount of the maximum on my policy ($1500) so I only had a few hundred dollars to pay on my own. I will never have another pet without insurance. $1500 is a lot of money for a retired person, so I'm so thankful that I had the insurance. Thank you AKC-PHP, you're great!!

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