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Yes, I cancelled my policy!Trupanion went out of their way to determine my dogs issue was preexisting when it wasn't. Digging through old files and associating unrelated issues to the one I had treated. No where in her records did it say she had what she was treated for. Unfortunately, her vet didn't want to "get involved" with any type dispute, now looking for another vet.Basically I got mega screwed out of 4 grand. I will NEVER advise anyone to use Trupaion EVER!!!!!!. Until my last breath!!!!!Upon your review I doubt this will go any further, but word of mouth is a wonderful thing. You have a great day!!!!!

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left cruciate tear
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Pit Bull

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Posted: 05/06/2012
By: Lory Rosenberg

I am having a similar problem with Trupanion right now concerning my beautiful shepherd who died suddenly of metastasized cancer which we had no idea was present in his body. I am planning to appeal. They exhibit all the worst features of insurance companies, searching for reasons to decline. Probably will transfer my other dogs to another company.

Posted: 05/08/2012
By: Stacy at Trupanion

Hi Jennifer,I apologize for the frustration that you have experienced with your recent claim. If a pet has presented symptoms of a condition prior to full policy coverage, then that would be considered pre-existing, even if a specific diagnosis had not yet been made. If you and your veterinarian disagree with the outcome of a claim, you can certainly pursue our appeals process. Please feel free to call your claims adjuster who can further discuss. We certainly want to make sure that everything is understood in the end and not leave anyone feeling like they are "in the dark" or unclear about details of a claim.

Posted: 05/21/2012
By: Mary R

I sympathize with you and am in the same boat. Except my cat did have a previous issue (2 years before policy) which did not reoccur for two years. They have an 18 month pre-existing clause. Because he ate a veterinary formula pet food in that time, they are saying pre-existing - to the tune of not paying my $3000 claim. I filed a case with BBB and am about to file in small claims. I may not win but I'm gonna try. I encourage you to at least file with BBB and get it logged.