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The insurer does a disservice to the AKC name. They work really hard at one thing . . . denying your claim. I recently submitted a claim for a visit to the vet resulting from my dog ingesting a foreign object that irritated and lacerated his esophagus/larynx. Luckily he passed the object. However, he was subsequently left with an irritated throat and cough. The claim was denied because the policy does cover "coughs" . . . . Umm, that was the result of the injury, not the symptom! Their response was to ask whether or not I filed a claim for reconsideration as if that is standard operating procedure. As this is the second time I've been forced to jump through multiple hoops, I'm guessing it is. Moreover, after talking with one of their representatives who admitted the error, I learned that had they adequately considered my claim initially it would have been denied because they only cover such injuries it the foreign object was actually removed surgically! My point is their policy is nothing but loop holes. I'm not wasting one more second dealing with these buffoons. If you like beating your head against a concrete and wasting copious amounts of time filing paperwork, then this is the policy for you!!!!

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lacerated esophagus
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/05/2011
By: Luv My Pups

.I know exactly what you mean. Had a similar problem with the AKC -- I switched to Embrace who is MARVELOUS in everyway. The AKC is a disgrace based on my experience

Posted: 12/16/2011
By: Ditto That

I USE to have the AKC and they denied claims, lost claims, very disorganized - yes buffon did fall out of mouth a time of two when dealing with them. I agree with all you say for my experience was similar in every regard. It clearly is the AKC way.I found a credible provider truly has no loop holes. I moved to Embrace, my pup was has severe bi lateral hip dysplasia. Thankfully I had Embrace prior to diagnosis, they have covered the surgery, rehab and are amazing in every way. Had I been with the AKC it would have been denied -- AKC LOOP HOLE #99 -- Genetic -- Check out Embrace or just read the reviews on this sight. Your best choice or at least mine was to drop that coverage. I now sleep knowing my pups have credible insurance now that AKC no longer insures them.