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I have been happy with Trupanion in the past. I have had them as an insurance provider for my boxer for about 14 months now. Unfortunately, I got an email today saying that my premium is now going to be raised 120%. This seems outrageous to me seeing as I have been carrying their most expensive insurance at almost $55.00 a month. My premium will be almost $120.00 a month. Excessive. I feel like it is some kind of scam.

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Claim Amount
Under $100


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/06/2011
By: Stacy at Trupanion

Hi MaisyWe are in the process of bringing premiums up-to-date, which in some areas have not been updated in nearly 4 years. It took time to build up significant claims evidence to justify the new rates and have them approved by the state's department of insurance.
The premiums you see today and on the website are much more up-to-date and any future changes to premiums are predicted to be much less surprising.
Because we offer such liberal coverage of 90% of actual costs with no payout limits, we must adjust premiums to the average cost of a pet like yours based on factors of age at enrollment, breed, chosen deductible, and geographical location. We are just keeping up with the average pet costs based on our claims experiences and unfortunately, the delay caused a greater change to premiums. I do apologize for your frustration.