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So far I've had one or two minimal claims, and I mean under $50--my terrier is over 2 now, but has enjoyed perfect health. His breeder has urged me not to immunize him any further until he is 7, as they can encounter complications and his immune system is likely to be damaged by being injected with disease. My sister's Sammy got kennel cough even after being immunized--the booster does not protect against all viral forms of kennel cough. I'm afraid if I don't immunize, and he gets something like kennel cough, Trupanion will not help. Do they even test which strain a dog gets? Could we even know if was s strain covered by the booster? I keep him out of dog parks now & I groom him myself. But I do not want to set him up for illness by making him sick from his shots. I read the veterinary industry is reviewing their immunization schedule because of health concerns. Any thoughts?

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West Highland White Terrier

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Posted: 09/24/2011

Do you know that you can track diseases like distemper into the house or he can pick it up just from going to the bathroom outside? Your breeder is being totally irresponsible by encouraging you to not vaccinate your dog.

Posted: 10/10/2011

Go to a Holistic Vet. They offer the best preventative health care and can tell you which vaccinations to get and which to avoid. Traditional vets want to vaccinate the dog or cat for anything and everything annually and that does cause disease. Your breeder is right. You must educate yourself, and a Holistic Vet will be the best help.
As most vaccinations protect for a lifetime.
Only one vaccine at a time, wait at least 2 weeks before another vaccine. Holistic Vets are the most helpful and will save you a ton in the future with a much healthier dog or cat.
A rabies vaccine will protect a dog or cat for a lifetime.
Over vaccination does cause illness, disease and a shorter lifespan.