AKC Insurance Equals HUGE Let DOWN

Out of 10

I am very disheartened with what I thought was a respectable insurance provider. The AKC has only provided disproportionate premium increases and not provided a practical product. You pay over a $1,000 dollars in annual premiums on the Wellness Plan; yes they will reimburse you after the deductible for heartworm, annual shots. This does not offset the despicable reimbursements (if any) being with the AKC insurance. They lose submitted claims, the customer service is rude, they pay on a fee schedule which is something unrealistic, and won’t cover hereditary conditions or arthritis, and the processing of the claim is sluggish. The frustration you undergo is incredible being with this provider. I have cancelled this insurance and so glad I did. Now my sweet baby is covered with Embrace, a provider that actually provides customer service, GET THIS even hereditary conditions, arthritis, allows you to customize the plan, reimbursements not based on a fee schedule and you select the percentage of reimbursement, no “per incident” deception as the AKC has – that is a huge one – so watch out for that! ABOVE ALL – my new carrier communicates with experienced professionals who are thoughtful, attentive, considerate, compassionate kind as well as timely claim processing, and well-informed staff. I had many an experience with the AKC insurance. I was with the AKC for 5 years so I speak with experience on how dreadful they are as an insurance provider. My advices to anyone w

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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