Trupanion plays the bait and switch game! BEWARE!

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Initially I was very pleased with Trupanion, low rates for their zero dollar deductible for my 3 dogs. Although there was a huge amount of paper work to enroll -- documents of every vet visit each dog had ever had in their life plus copies of the vets chart notes. THEN after the first year they nearly TRIPLED the rates. They said it was because of the rapidly advancing veterinary technology available and the "possible" associated costs. It's bait and switch pure and simple. I am going back to my old pet insurance. Trupanion is a SCAM!!

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Posted: 02/16/2012

People don't fall for the baloney Trupanion is selling about being 4 years out of date. They have been pulling this Scam for some time now. Low rates to start and then a double to tripling in coverage price the following year.
Would be nice if the site allowed you to lump negative reviews into one section and just read those. You would see an overwhelming number of negative reviews complaining about this same exact thing.

Posted: 01/06/2012

I apologize for the recent shock with your premium. Firstly, we do not penalize pet owners for filing claims which means you would see the same change to your premium whether you had filed many claims or none at all. We haven't updated premiums in some areas since we began selling policies there (up to 4 years ago in some states). This year, we reached a point at which we had enough data to bring premiums up-to-date with what they should actually cost. Because some premiums were essentially 4 years out of date, this is why you may have seen such a significant change. In the future, adjustments will occur in a more timely manner to reflect the actual cost of pet care for your individual pet (based on the averages of its breed, age at enrollment, geographical location, and deductible chosen). If the average pet like yours is receiving increased health care in a given time period, then you would see a slight increase, but if that pet on average has been generally healthy and making fewer trips to the vet then you would see a slight decrease. Premiums are directly based around the average pet like yours based on the factors mentioned above so when you see an increase in your premium, that is a sign that the average pet like yours is making more trips to the veterinarian. I encourage you to learn more about our pricing here: