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When we got our adopted papillon mix, we noticed that his walk looked like a lady walking in heels....his back feet always crossed over each other. We never thought much of it. Last fall, he seemed to be in increasing pain and we thought he had hurt his back, so we took him to the vet. They were VERY thorough. We were told that yes, his back was very sore and tender, but that it was due to the fact that he could not walk properly and would need surgery to correct the issue.They called it patella luxation, grade3 on both legs.Evidently, he was born like this and had most likely always been in some discomfort, but had been able to adapt up to this point. The vet also had x-rays taken to check for anything in the spine, such as calcification or degeneration that would indicate disc disease. They came back clean. Surgery was performed, he healed and was super. We were able to afford to insure him shortly after with Trupanion. Late this summer, he again showed pain, only this time in his head/neck/ upper shoulder area and we took him to the vet. Again, x-rays were taken and again, they came back with no indication of calcification or degeneration. However, this time, after checking movement range,etc. the vet said disc disease. Please note: this was in an area never bothered before. Trupanion denied our claim saying that because tenderness was noted in his back before his knee surgery (when he was not insured),and because the vet at that time looked at disc disease as a possibilit

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disc disease
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/26/2011
By: Stacy at Trupanion

Hi Mickey,Trupanion covers veterinary medical costs due to unexpected illness or accidents. Our determining factor is the first appearances of symptoms for an illness or accident since communications with our pets can be limiting. We use symptoms rather than diagnosis so that we can start to cover claims sooner rather than waiting for a diagnosis to be made. (One of our competitors cannot offer coverage until a definitive diagnosis has been made) Also, it is not uncommon to see symptoms being present with no definitive diagnosis made.
When reviewing a claim for coverage, we do take into consideration the whole picture of what is going on for a pet. If symptoms are consistent prior to coverage and again during coverage, we reference what is presented on the claim form and in a pet’s medical records. If consistent symptoms are present and no medical reasoning can be explained for their difference then we are not able to extend coverage on a claim.
That being said, we do have a claims appeals process if you and your veterinarian disagree with your claim outcome under our policy. Please give your claims adjuster a call to learn more.