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Quick review and settlement of our claim. Have been with AKC over five years and have always been satisfied. this mos recent was a big one for us.

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torn cruciate ligament
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 05/26/2011
By: My Experience

I had the AKC insurance for my pups for a couple years. Then it came time to utilize the plan for illness. We had the Wellness Plan, for dental cleaning and annual shots it was OK for reimbursement after the deductible. The customer service was pretty weak and the claim processing was disorganized at best. They would misplace the claims repeatedly. Then I needed to use the "illness" portion for one of my beloved pets — it was terrible — the entire AKC company from the employee who answers the phone, to the claim processor, to the actual “quality” of the policy. Much to my heartbreak the doctors could not save my precious boy. The AKC even denied euthanasia. Here I thought I had diagonostics, hospitalization, illness. The AKC has many areas that allow them not to pay the claims, they don’t cover arthritis, diabeties, heriditiary, genetic conditions. They have annual maximums and per incident maximum as well. I have cancelled with them and now with a reputable provider who does cover all of what I indicated the AKC does not for LESS money then I paid with the AKC Wellness Plan. From my experience I would never recommend the AKC insurance. For me the AKC coverage was a huge mistake. In the end when you need the insurance — clearly the AKC is not there as my experience was and I incurred thousands of dollars of expense not to mention the enourmous premium I paid to the AKC. Read all the fine print inclusive for the many exclusion. Many providers do not have the limitations the AKC does and anyone has to have better customer service and organization then they did. I am now with a wonderful provider who -- so good insurance is available -- you just need to read the fine print.