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I insured my puppy Golden Retriever never expecting to need it. When he was only 3 he developed a cardiac sarcoma that killed him in 1 day. AKC had paid for earlier chest xrays (they showed nothing) & for the $3000 final bill, excluding cremation. I have no complaints about this plan & would get it again but it looks like they've raised their rates considerably in 2 months.

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Posted: 01/04/2011
By: Sandy

Based on what you are saying, they paid you $3000.00 plus the cost of the xrays, I'm assuming you had, at the very least, their wellness plan which is $72.00/monthly. Do the math...$72.00 x 36 months = $2592.00 or the wellness plus at $95.42/monthly x 36 months = $3435.12....why not pay back your premiums to you, it's not like you will be submitting any more claims.
By the way...so sorry for your loss