dishonest, slow, and misleading claim process

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Got this policy from the AKC when I registered my puppy. Never received the actual paperwork outlining the limitations of the policy, but did receive a notice that there was an annual $100 deductible fee. At the end of August, my puppy had to go to the emergency vet because he was vomiting, and the bill was $186 (the vet also cleaned out his ears at the same time). I submitted the bill and the claim form by fax, not once but twice. Three weeks later they returned the form by mail, and I sent it right back by regular mail. Three weeks later, I got a letter saying they were processing the claim, and I would get a check in four weeks.

When I called to ask where my check was, they said they had contacted the vet to "investigate" the claim, but that they would pay me $2.00 that had been approved. Subsequently, I called the vet to ask if he had received an inquiry, and he said he had not!
I cancelled the policy by e-mail, and I have contacted the AKC. This plan is a rip-off!!!!

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