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I had the Wellness Plus Plan for my puppy. The only difference between the Wellness Plus and Wellness Plan is that the Wellness Plus Plan includes the cost of neutering. My puppy was neutered in the first year of cover and the vet's invoice was sent to AKC and was duly settled by them.The next year I received my renewal documents and paid the premium quoted. What I didn't realize, until the subsequent renewal, was that AKC had not downgraded my policy to the Wellness Plan since my puppy had now been neutered, they were still charging me for the Wellness Plus Plan which was no longer appropriate.
When I queried this with AKC they said I had to notify them in writing that my dog had been neutered. I told them that not only did they have written confirmation from the vet, but that they had also settled the claim and were therefore well aware my dog had been neutered.
AKC refused to refund the additional premium and suffice to say I immediately cancelled my policy. AKC is an arrogant and inflexible company, offering no customer service.
I am now with a company who value and respect their customers.
Also AKC constantly paid only a portion of my claim, as they considered the bills to be 'unreasonable'. I can't help that I live in an expensive area and in fact when you get a quote you have to enter your zip code and I'm sure your premium is adjusted accordingly. They should pay me back the full cost of my dog's care, as that is how much it costs me to provide care for him in my area.

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