Raised my renewal fee by $329 after the first year

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I am very upset with my AKC Wellness-Dog Pet Health Ins Plan.
This is my first year with Dog Insurance.

My insurance has a $125 deductible, $13,000 limit, $5,000 limit per illness or injury, 20% Co-insurance, covers annual wellness visit and shots, and twelve months supply of flea prevention.
I paid $636.00 for one year, that will end in March 2010.

During this year, my pup had to have a small growth taken off the side of his nose.

The cost was $386, including Histopathology-Fullwritten Biopsy work on the lump, 6 mos. of Advantage, Dental cleaning, Medicine, Blood work and the initial Physical Exam.

It was a normal growth, nothing bad.

The Insurance Company reimbursed me $209.42.
I had to pay the $125 deductible and my 20% Co-Insurance.
They did get that to me in approximately thirty days.

They still have to pay for his Annual shots, before March this year, too.

I just recieved my renewal notice and they have increase my fee to $965.00 Annual.

That's a $329 increase! So every year are they going to continue to increase this?

I am very upset and will probably look else where for Pet Insurance.
You can bet I will be telling everyone not to waste their time or money buying AKC Pet Insurace.

I am rating them a 1 because I do not like how they raise the renewal fee $329 in one year!

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Posted: 06/25/2010
By: Janet Gilbert

I have AKC, and they just raised my premium 100%. I guess they are trying to get their money back after my dog's surgeries! I am definitely not renewing with them, and will look elsewhre.