What a STUPID claims processing policy!!

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I've had pet partners for over a year for at least one of my 6 dogs and this one dog sustained a fractured leg after playing with my other dog. Well Pet partners paid for everything to make the diagnosis but when it came time for the repair they denied it! They said that even though my dog has sustained the injury from an accident, because the what the vet repaired the fracture was considered "not covered" and they denied the $1577.00 surgery charge yet paid for the emergency examination and the xrays of her leg! I'm going back to Pet Care USA insurance where I have my other dogs! OVERPRICED TOO!!!

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Posted: 05/27/2010
By: Abby

I also have had Pet Partners for years for 2 of my dogs. Two years ago one of my dogs sustained an injury by jumping from a slow moving golf cart...stupid I know! But in any event they denied the claim because they said it was "an accident that could have been prevented"? Last I checked an accident is just that an accident. I really need to reconsider this health care insurer for my pets. That is not the first claim they have denied.

Posted: 10/15/2010
By: Dee

I have had multiple pet policies with the AKC for my 4 dogs for YEARS
This insurance is only good for the SMALL STUFF! When you truly need it, they will claim some NONSENSE and deny the claim or give you some line of garbage.

Unfortunately, I needed the insurance and the AKC did NOT PAY as they claim they will.

I STRONGLY suggest if you are purchasing insurance, and think you have a piece of mind knowing you have your beloved pet covered, THEY ARE NOT!!!

I am taking the matter to the IL Dept of Insurance - Public Service Section.

I ask you... do you want to deal with the AKC; and the added loss of your beloved pet and UNPAID Claims of over $8,000.

You are best checking out an insurance company that pays an annual maximum WITHOUT a per incident restriction. For myself, there were 3 separate hospitalizations that the AKC is considering ONE INCIDENT and DENYING diagnostics as well.

In the end I will see what the IL Dept of Insurance states, but BEWARE -- do you want to deal with this? Unexpected expenses when you are paying a high premium for YEARS and the loss of your beloved pet and these idiots?!