Raise in premiums is criminal.

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After one year with Trupanion our monthly premium was raised from $40.35 to $94.17. During this first year we only had one claim and it was minimal. It very much seems like a "bait and switch" where a company lures us with a great price and then more than doubles it after one year. This business practice seems criminal.

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Minor limp
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 02/08/2012
By: Stacy at Trupanion

Hi Les,We apologize for the shock with your recent premium adjustment. To provide a little more information, we are currently in the process of bringing premiums up to date as they have not been updated in some areas since we began selling policies there nearly 4 years ago. This year, we reached a point at which we had enough data to bring premiums up-to-date with what they should actually cost.
In the future, adjustments will occur in a more timely manner to reflect the actual cost of pet care for your individual pet (based on the averages of its breed, age at enrollment, geographical location, and deductible chosen). If the average pet like yours is receiving increased health care in a given time period, then you would see a slight increase, but if that pet on average has been generally healthy and making fewer trips to the vet then you would see a slight decrease. Premiums are directly based around the average pet like yours based on the factors mentioned above so when you see an increase in your premium, that is a sign that the average pet like yours is making more trips to the veterinarian.
I encourage you to learn more about our pricing here: http://trupanion.com/why-trupanion/value or by giving us a call.