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I tried the "free" insurance provided by pet partners, activating it on the morning of March 18th....on April 18th I took my puppy in for Cystitis and got her cared for, but Pet Partners refused to cover the cost of care, saying that my coverage didn't start until the 19th following their "30-day waiting period"...and it took over a month for me to get a response!I am glad I let this coverage lapse and would not recommend this coverage to anyone.

PetFirst is much better...go with them!

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Posted: 10/01/2009
By: Paul

You are complaining about insurance that you paid nothing for, didn't read the terms and conditions for what it covered, and then put in a claim for something that it explicitly does not cover. How that is anyone's fault but your own (or that you call it overpriced) is inconceivable to me.