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I live in manhatten, ny i bought the best coverage the akc offers. half of all the claims i submitted were all cut in half and they stated they were overpriced when that was the going rate in manhattan also refused to pay for my puppies giardia test cause the dog was not sick enough to show he needed the test but in the end he did have giardia. I would deff not recommend them its all the name that they are selling AKC!!!!!

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Posted: 10/14/2008

Mike, Have you since found a pet insurance company that pays out better for NYC costs? I have ASPCA now and have the same problem...

Posted: 01/08/2010
By: hi

i am having the same problem also with so called overpriced charges,i will file an appeal

Posted: 04/18/2011
By: Shelli

This company is HORRIBLE for saying that everything is "overpriced" so they don't have to pay the proper 80%. Especially for medications. I have filed appeals and they simply send back the form letter saying that they can find the same medication for cheaper in the area. As part of my investigation, I called every single vet within a 100 mile radius and priced the medication and never found it any cheaper and provided that documentation, but still lost the appeal. This company simply chooses to not be fair!! I would never recommend this company to anybody!!

Posted: 09/22/2012
By: Whats an Experience

I HAD the AKC insurance, appealed claims, the AKC per my experience is just loaded with loop holes for them to get out of paying. My pup was hospitalized, his illness took his life and the AKC even denied the euthanasia.
I moved over to EMBRACE and have not had 1 single problem I had with the AKC.

Read the AKC policy and discover the many EXCLUSION and DO NOT BE FOOLED as I was because it had the AKC name.