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I WAS a satisfied customer of Pet Plans for years. They cashed my checks (billed my credit card) extremely well. They even paid once paid claim without issue.
Then they indicate that they changed underwriters. With that and no further notification that I recall receiving and/or approving, they raised my deductible to above what I would have accepted per incident: $300.00. The first time I knew about the change was with my pet's first claim, under a year after the change went into effect.

The company agent indicated that they would have been happy to keep my deductible at the $100.00 it had been, but I should have informed them [within 30 days of the policy "adjustment"]. I have a better idea: They should have kept my deductible the same and increased the premium. That way, when I received the credit card bill, I would have realized something had changed in the billing system and called them. When informed, the decision would have been mine to select a different plan or pay the new, higher premiums.

It was very "convenient" for them not to catch my attention with the premium change and subsequently refuse to pay the full claim at the former, lower deductible. Worse, they have indicated that we would never again qualify for the lower deductible since we had made a claim. This logic seems extremely circular and self-serving.

I am searching for another insurance plan, but now may have a problem finding coverage that we had experienced earlier because of the very few pre-existing conditions attendant with any 9 year old pet.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 08/25/2017
By: Ray V

Your experience is so close to ours it's incredible. We got screwed by Pet Plan. They never notified us either, after being a customer for 7 yrs. Nationwide Pet Insurance might be a better choice.