6 week trial is a hoax so is the coverage

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I have a 16 weeks old puppy. I took her in on her 12 week appointment and we were passed with a complete ok'd bill of health. No issues except one time she vomited up a bit of grass and the vet saidwill do that.we then were signed up for the 6 week trial (which persecute lost our waiver for almost a week to create a our file). A Aweeklater which was a week into our trial period our puppy had severe diahrea and food vomiting. They said it could be the kind of food and we need to switch it. The Bill was 1086.00 we submitted it to pet secure and they said it was a pre existing condition because she vomitted up grass once as a puppy and will not be reimbursed. Our vet went as far as to call the company and give them her professional opinion that that is wrong. We should be getting reimbursed because it is different and considered an illness . Then we purchased the actual plan for pet secure a week later and our puppy was still on meds. I was informed that it would be covered from the 6 week trial period as illness. I have now received my statements from the insurance company saying we will not be getting anything back. This is ridiculous even when the vet said all puppies chew grass sometimes and that should not be the pre existing gastrual intestinal exception. Ridiculous!

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