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Jared here. Thank you for your follow up call and for checking in on Bailey. As you may or may not know, Bailey was diagnosed with cancer (Lymphoma) in June of 2016. Since then she's been going through chemotherapy (which she has completed) and has been given the lymphoma vaccine in an effort to help her body fight the cancer should it return. Currently, she is in remission. Her most recent visits to the vets were the result of blood being in her stool. The oncologist ran a series of tests on her to make sure it wasn't the cancer returning. Luckily, it was not lymphoma related. She is now feeling much better with no blood in her stools.

On a side note, I wanted to thank you guys for your great service, care and comprehensive coverage. When I found out Bailey had cancer last year, I was devastated. However, I knew I would do absolutely everything I could to bring her health back...even if that meant I would go into debt. Thankfully, I had gotten her health insurance through you two years prior and it has been an absolute blessing to have. Yes, her treatments have been expensive even with the reimbursements, but knowing that I will receive at least something back has given me a reassuring piece of mind to know that whatever may be coming for Bailey, I know I have healthy paws next to me to help ease the burden of the financial commitments.

So, again, I thank you for checking up on Bailey and for just being in existence.

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