Cold and mean about my dog's death!!

Out of 10

Watch out, they do NOT care about their customers!! I've had insurance for my Norfolk Terrier with them for 8 years. When I called to cancel it due to her death two days ago they insisted that I needed to know the exact time of her cremation to use my benefits. I DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!!! Then they asked if I'd euthanized her yet AFTER I told them she died two days ago. They are picky and will find ANY reason not to pay what you are due. And they obviously couldn't care less about their customers or the pets they are insuring. Over 8 years I've fought them for many claims but this truly takes the cake. They really are an AWFUL company! Who cares if we cancel a day before she's cremated???? After 8 years of the top tier of coverage any decent human being would not require me to give them the horrible details of the exact moment my adorable dog was cremated. Wouldn't it be nice if THEY had a heart and contacted Pet Angel for me?? Instead I have to call them and find out every detail so I can get a little bit of help with something that darn near kills me to have to do. What a sad thing to do to your customers.

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Heart failure
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Norwich Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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