12 Years of Trupanion and Counting!

Out of 10

I have been a highly pleased customer of Trupanion for 12 years now. I selected them with a shoulder shrug (no clue which company to choose) and have stayed with them because they are a fantastic company. There are no hidden fees or clauses and nothing contrary to what is advertised.
The 90% reimbursement is great, and there are no catches when it comes to the 90/10 policy. They are not like other pet insurance companies that put limits on how much they will pay per condition. This is big because I have an epileptic dog who also has a chronic infection - not small priced problems.

The vast majority of times, claims are paid timely, I'd say not much more than 2 weeks. Like with any insurance company, there have busy periods and claims may take a bit to be reimbursed. There have been times when I've had to wait more than usual. I won't lie - those times have been inconvenient and frustrating. But those times have not been frequent.

The customer service representatives are friendly, and they care about the pets of customers. Not only that, the company is based on pet love. A staff of more than 100 people can bring their animals to work with them. I have been on the phone with representatives whose dogs have been right by their sides while we talk. That's pretty neat.

I write a lot because Trupanion has been with me through the highs and lowest of lows (pet loss) that come with being a pet parent. They truly are a great company.

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seizures, chronic bacterial infection
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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