One of the best decisions!

Out of 10

I went for it and purchased Embrace pet insurance when our dog was just 3 months old. It seemed extravagant at the time, but I have no regrets for this piece of mind. She has swallowed a dime which was extracted in the vet ER, and we've discuvered she has a rare liver condition. The Ct scans, ultrasounds, and all diagnostic appointments have been paid for at 80%. Embrace staff talked us through the claims process, they have efficient and clear accessible communication, and we got paid shortly after our vets submitted claims. It's been flawless. I've recommended this insurance to all of my friends and family.
They approved a very expensive procedure that is our only option to keep our puppy alive. By the end of this ordeal we will have maxed out our coverage for the year. Fingers crossed they will continue to be true to their excellent coverage.

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Intra Liver shunt
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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