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I have heard stories from other pet owners about the worthlessness of having pet insurance. My friends would ask why I didn't just put that $40-50/month into a savings account accessible immediately if I needed it. If I'd taken that approach I know that I never would have continued to save due to more urgent financial concerns. So when my 11-year old, 20 lb. terrier mix had a cranial cruciate ligament tear I was relieved that I'd kept up my coverage with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Between our regular vet's bill for diagnosis and the surgeon's bill for treatment the total was almost $4000. After my $500 deductible was met Healthy Paws covered 90% of the remaining amount. Since this was the first claim I had ever made I had to have all of her records sent in. I was worried that my claim would be challenged because I'd recently changed vets and my dog had a different operation on the same leg 8 years ago. But once they received all of her medical records Healthy Paws posted the amount of my reimbursement on my account page and had a check in the mail. Having recently retired I appreciated knowing that a large part of the bill was covered!

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cranial cruciate ligament tear
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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