I have always been your biggest cheerleader to friends and family.

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I have always been your biggest cheerleader to friends and family. Lately I have been having a reoccurring challenge of improperly processed claims. At 3 different times medication invoices that were sent in for reimbursements were applied to a deductible that had been met 2 years prior for the SAME medications for the SAME condition. These processing errors came on the heal of a few claims that took 3-5 WEEKS to process. Even after calling to check on them it took more time. I'm not sure what was/is happening in that department but it does appear Trupanion has had some challenges and or changes. Because of these experiences which caused me great frustration I am more cautious in my recommendations. I wish that someone would just be honest and transparent about the issues. Have there been high turnover in personnel, new management/owners, lack of staff, too much volume for the staff in place or methods of processing being changed? I could understand the changes I have experienced. It would seem to me that a medication that has been used and processed monthly for 2 YEARS would be easily checked for processing. Instead they have been applied to a deductible already met.
Thank you.

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