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As cat parents, my husband and I learned the hard way how costly excellent cat healthcare can be. Our first fur babies were both rescued as adult cats and did not have insurance. We realized the importance of getting pet insurance too late; thousands of dollars later. When we adopted our triplets from the shelter (we had only planned on getting two, but there they were, three beauties waiting for a home) we learned from our previous experiences and immediately began researching for insurance. We knew that we needed to get insurance while they were still young because some insurance companies place age restrictions and other limiting parameters on purchasing insurance.
Healthy Paws is the most comprehensive and affordable choice. They have the fewest restrictions and are very easy to work with.
Our most adventurous baby, Laila, has unfortunately had two major medical issues in her first two years of life. She has had two surgeries, three hospitalizations, and many follow-up visits.
Her care was covered 90% by Healthy Paws. The claims were easily submitted by the vet office staff with just a signature on the claim form. The reimbursement check came quickly and we always received a follow-up email for a wellness check.
The overall genuine care and concern for our babies is obvious.

Thank you Healthy Paws for giving us the opportunity to give our babies the best healthcare possible and the best opportunity for a long and happy life.

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hip fracture
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Longhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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