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We are so thankful to have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Two days after our insurance became effective our puppy new puppy, Snowflake, started having a horrible cough that progressed to pneumonia within a week. Snowflake had to go to the Emergency Vet. Hospital near us and required intense treatment overnight. She was released with instructions to take 6 different prescriptions and had several follow up visits. We were so pleased not to have to worry about the high cost of vet. bills, medication and hospital stay. Healthy Paws covered most of the expenses and within a few days we received the reimbursement checks. More recently Snowflake became ill, underwent several diagnostic tests and had another hospital stay. When she was transferred to the hospital, we didn't worry about anything other than getting her healthy again. Because of the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, we knew that we would not need to worry about limiting her treatment because of cost. Once again we received reimbursement checks within a short time.
Healthy Paws even contacts me to see how Snowflake is doing. We are so fortunate to have our beautiful and playful puppy healthy again. I just wish our own health insurance company was as efficient and caring as Healthy Paws.

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