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I transitioned to HealthyPaws approximately 3 years ago, coming from several prior years with a plan from Pets Best Insurance. The trigger for the transition was that my German Shepherd underwent two surgeries, ultimately ending with a diagnosis of a gastrinoma (microscopic tumor). While we ultimately ended up paying out-of-pocket for a rather substantial amount (absolutely worth it to save our dog), insofar as pet insurance, there were a few takeaways the interaction with Pets Best provided: * Many common / less-expensive policies have per-incident and lifetime maximums. While we hadn't thought this would be an issue in our home from a few years prior, when we moved to the Pacific Northwest with substantially more healthcare for pets, we found that the life-saving services were substantially more advanced, and the associated costs increased as well.
* Some insurance companies consolidate surgeries into a single incident. As was the case for us, an unrelated surgery from 3 weeks prior was associated with an ER surgery, meaning that the insurance company considers the per-incident maximum as reached much more quickly. While we knew consolidation was possible, we had not expected that a multi-week separation would be still be consolidated as a single incident.
* The insurance appeals process can be remarkably one-sided. Even in trying to clarify to the insurance company that surgeries were for separate purposes, there was never any visibility into the process or acknowledgement that the statements from the veterinarians were even reviewed before being rejected.

After undergoing this process with Pets Best, I researched other pet insurance policies - specifically ones with unlimited maximums - to re-evaluate my coverage. I settled on HealthyPaws very quickly, owing largely to the unlimited maximum coverage (which eliminates a LOT of concern about consolidated claims), comprehensive coverage of conditions, small list of exclusions, and clear communication channels. It struck me how much simpler and more comprehensive the HealthyPaws coverage was as compared to Pets Best, belying that the HealthyPaws coverage was designed to help pets as much as possible. Over the past three years, all three of my dogs have been insured by HealthyPaws, and the experience has been absolutely wonderful!

The vast majority of our claims to HealthyPaws have been for minor incidents: upset tummy, temporary medication, etc. In all these cases, HealthyPaws was very promp

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