Honestly wish my health coverage was this good!

Out of 10

Honestly I was truly shocked they covered everything including medical boarding. We rescued our dog Penny back in February. She came from a kill shelter in the south, but is the sweetest, happiest 1yo ever. Unfortunately, all that happiness and joy got translated into aggressive tail wagging that didn't work with our small apartment. Repeated injury prevented the tail wound from healing and had to be docked. A few short months later, the bald spot on her back came back cancerous and had to be removed. Then when the surgical site got infected and medical boarding was required to ensure proper healing they covered that too. All told what could have been a nightmarish 10k+ of vet expenses became much more bearable thanks to healthy Paws. It's simple to use, straightforward and I quite honestly don't know how they're able to cover everything they did for just $20 a month. Thank you Healthy Paws, I whole heartedly recommend them.Julian Meaghan and Penny

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