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Our kitty came to us as a stray ten years ago. Thinking that she might need health care we soon signed up with Pets Best, and not knowing how old she was, we signed her up as a senior. Well that turned out to be a smart move for us because our poor kitty has had a lot of different and very very expensive illnesses over the years and she still suffers from some of them. Nevertheless, Pets Best has never dropped our insurance for her and even helped us change her policy over the year to keep her insured. This year they reimbursed us over $3,000 for a $4,000 ear cancer surgery. And even though we had raised the deductible to $1,000, they told us that the surgery would be covered under our $250 deductible policy because the first symptoms of that cancer had appeared when we had a better policy with them. It was something we werent expecting. I think Pets Best is the BEST!! Ann "

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