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Thank you so much for helping us out! We were at our wits end when poor Maggie developed a staph infection and the group of vets we went to see could not get it under control. The vet bills were mounting and they came back with a quote of over $900 to just biopsy it on top of the hundreds we had already paid. We had to get a second opinion which required surgery at Christmas which is not a time you need extra bills. We were able to remove her infected cyst which was the size of a golf ball! She has been undergoing care to treat the remaining infection in her and is finally starting to heal. She did have 4 more small cysts pop up but they are all healing and shrinking in size - 3 are almost gone! I am hopeful we will not have to surgically remove these as well. Thank goodness for Pets Best because I don"t know what we were going to do."

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