I Had Pets Best Insurance Sinc…

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I had Pets Best Insurance since my dog was a puppy. He is no longer with me and with the random medicals issues that came up throughout his life I was able to care for him in the best way possible. They are always so helpful to speak with. Very sympathetic and understanding. The reimbursements came so quickly and with no issues at all. If I decide to get another pet I will make sure that I get a policy right away. When I called to cancel my policy upon losing Bryce they were so caring and I received a card in the mail shortly after. I have recommended this company to many people. I was in the Veterinary industry for 21 years and with all the research I did, this is who we told our clients about. Thank you Pets Best. "

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Undiagnosed Illness -Chronic
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet

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