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I have a large Lab/Mastiff mix that began to have muscular and mobility compromise. After taking my dog for numerous tests, I was informed he has an incurable neurological disease that I could only be treated with vitamin supplement support, comfort measures, and quality of life provision. Had I not had the support of Pets Best Pet Health Insurance, I would not have been able to understand what direction I know I shall eventually need to take. Although the diagnosis I received meant my precious boy was not a candidate for further treatment, I have peace of mind because of Pets Best; I was provided with resources for diagnostics to know what I was facing. My claims were paid quickly and efficiently. I am so grateful for the support and ethics of this company. Without their help I would have never been able to have had the thorough evaluation of his issue and know how to care for my best friend during this stage of his life.

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Undiagnosed Neurological Disorder
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$100 - $500

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