Jasper My 6.5 Year Old Schnood…

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Jasper my 6.5 year old Schnoodle jumped off of the bed. He was limping but I could not detect anything. It was a day before I found the reason for the limping. His index toe was swollen and purple which was hidden by his fluffy hair. Doc thought he broke the toenail where it connected into the bone, after X-rays we found that is was a bad sprain that opened and infected. Thank Goodness that was all it was. With medication and soaking Jasper is good as new. Thank you so much Pets Best. I am so glad that I found you. It took a broken leg of another dog to search for a good pet insurance. I feel that after searching out many other insurances this was the best and you confirmed that I was right. It was easy to figure out what I wanted in insurance and when I needed you it was very easy to file a claim. Thank you"

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