Could not have my dogs without Embrace

Out of 10

I have had Embrace for a few years now, they have covered some major procedures and accidents with my two trouble finding Dachshunds. When I first started with Embrace they seemed a lot more concerned with the time in which you were reimbursed your claim money, and it seems to take longer than it used to, especially when the claim is of a significant amount.
Although they are still exceptionally quicker than companies I have used for past pets, which is always appreciated.
I will say, out of all the companies I deal with Embrace hands down has the best, most responsive (and tolerant of my persistant calls and emails) customer service staff- hands down. They are always pleasant, know their job well, and never leave me feeling like I have more questions than when I first contacted them. I recommend them to friends and family constantly who have pets, I just hope their quick pace stays/steadies so my recommendations are not foiled! Way to go Embrace.

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Foreign body/vomiting
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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